Lucion FileCenter Suite 12.0.15 Free Download 2024

Lucion FileCenter Suite Crack

Lucion FileCenter Suite Free 12.0.15 Download Free 2024

Lucion FileCenter Suite Free 12.0.15The sophisticated software program Lucion FileCenter Suite was created to assist users in managing their cloud from their desktops while also organizing files and folders on their hard discs.

Lucion FileCenter Suite Crack

A filing system that makes sense. Organize your files in electronic filing cabinets that are intuitive and easy to understand. Scan & organize in one step. Documents can be scanned automatically, given names based on what they contain, and saved in the appropriate cabinet with a single click.

Easy Document Management. Looking for an easy way to scan paper documents and organize your computer files? It’s time to give FileCenter, the industry leader in document management at a low cost, a try. FileCenter is a straightforward yet effective tool that makes it easy to scan, organize, edit, convert, and find files for businesses, professionals, and home users.

Keep using your favorite programs. FileCenter integrates with all Windows desktop applications and works with the programs you already use. With PDFs, almost anything is possible. OCR converts scans into searchable PDFs and can split or combine laterally or create PDFs from any other file.

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Paperless office software that is simple to install and use, Lucion FileCenter Suite enables both home and business users to scan, archive, organize, and locate digital information. FileCenter offers a full solution in a single, user-friendly interface and is brimming with time-saving features. A user-friendly tool called Lucion FileCenter makes it simple to scan, archive, organize, and search for files on your computer. This program integrates several file management, scanning, OCR recognition, PDF conversion, and built-in PDF reader features into a single user interface. Using this program, you can send files by email in PDF format, archive Outlook mail to Separate files, preview files without opening them, search full-text across work and network computers, encrypt or completely destroy any files, and more.

This software tool makes it possible to toggle a file preview panel in any tab, making it easier to use. Additionally, you can read, split, print, and password-protect PDFs from the main window, as well as scan objects to Word or e-mail.


The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature in FileCenter enables users to convert scanned written text into a searchable PDF or DOC.

A tab specifically for editing TIFFs and PDFs is also included. A digital signature can be added, papers can be rotated, photos can be taken, text can be underlined or crossed out, attachments can be made as comments, objects may be deleted, and built-in stamps can be used.

The settings panel allows you to customize the startup view, specify the maximum number of search results, select a theme, display item count footers, force TIF conversions to be done in black and white, restrict OCR to a user-specified number of pages, and more.

In conclusion, FileCenter is a practical piece of software that doesn’t tax the processing power of your machine. It is cloud-compatible, and you may check out a tonne of Help materials (video tutorials, classical files, tips).

Lucion FileCenter Suite Crack

Lucion FileCenter review

Please take notice that the application will enable you to carry out a broad variety of tasks connected to file management, OCR, scanning, and modifying documents in PDF format, in addition to everything mentioned above. The “electronic filing cabinet” at FileCenter is a structure containing boxes and folders. The program doesn’t alter your computer’s files; it just makes it possible to work with them more quickly, find the appropriate documents, perform text recognition, and work with PDF files.

You may use the application to manage files, conduct optical character recognition (OCR), scan documents, and manipulate PDF files, in addition to the things mentioned above. An “electronic filing cabinet” or similar structure with boxes and folders is what FileCenter offers. The program does nothing to the files already on your computer; it simply speeds up your ability to work with them, find the appropriate documents, perform text recognition, and work with PDF files.

FileCenter Professional Free:

the market leader in document management with the lowest costs only cares about one thing: freeing you up. Quit fighting. Reduce the volume of complicated software and paper. The most complete and reasonably priced document management system for offices of all sizes is FileCenter DMS. It combines simple file organization and scanning with robust PDF creation and editing. OCR, search, and integration with cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox are also included. The cost-effectiveness of FileCenter DMS’s functionality-by-functionality pricing is unmatched by its rivals.


  • There is no one-way traffic on the FileCenter portal.
  • It functions in both directions. You can share documents not only with your patients, clients, or other patients but also with them.
  • It is the perfect way for your clients to send you their private financial documents, health records, contracts, certificates, etc.
  • in a secure manner.
  • You have the option of being a service provider who respects the privacy of your clients.
  • Have you ever accidentally sent a sensitive email to the wrong recipient? or mistakenly sent the incorrect document? Or did you just decide differently? After clicking Send by email, there is no turning back.
  • The FileCenter portal allows you to change your mind.
  • You can cut the power if the other party hasn’t downloaded the document yet. A shared file folder’s expiration date can also be set.
  • You can only share files with a certain number of people on many well-known customer portals available today.
  • Or they charge more for guest access after a certain threshold.
  • not the portal for FileCenter. We reject the concept of guest terms.
  • You may bring guests at any time. This implies that you are free to distribute your files to as many individuals as you like.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 (or newer). Full compatibility with 64-bit machines.
CPU:750 MHz
Memory: 500 MB RAM*
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB*

How To install:

  • First, download the Free from the links below.
  • Extract the archive via the Winrar software on your PC.
  • Run the setup.exe file from the extract files.
  • Continue the installation until it is installed.
  • Copy the Free from the file and paste it into the installation directory.
  • Close the program and run it again.
  • ready
  • Enjoy the free full version.

Lucion FileCenter Suite Crack

Key Features

  • Document management is made simple with FileCenter DMS.
  • Looking for a simple solution to manage your computer files and scan paper documents? It’s time to give FileCenter, the industry leader in document management at a reasonable cost, a try.
  • FileCenter is a straightforward yet effective tool that makes it easy for businesses, professionals, and home users to scan, organize, edit, convert, and find files.
  • Key for Lucion FileCenter Suite Batch OCR & PDF Conversion Automated by FileCenter.
  • FileCenter Automate is a simple solution for those who need to convert and OCR thousands of documents into fully searchable PDFs.
  • FileCenter Automate will work in the background to make sure that your document archives are kept fully searchable… effortlessly.
  • It is designed to be simple enough for average users and affordable enough for small businesses.
  • FileCenter Receipts: Scanning & Organization of Receipts. Shoeboxes are no more.
  • FileCenter Receipts is a better tool for managing and tracking your digital receipts.
  • Simply scan and organize those minute pieces of paper, then compile the information into helpful reports.
  • FileCenter Receipts has you covered whether you’re a power business user or a single home user.
  • Serial number for Lucion FileCenter Suite Portal FileCenter

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